Our mission & vision

Our mission & vision


Our mission is to build a new system of values, consistently working on certain socially useful projects, which would result in specific and measurable benefits for society.

In order to contribute to an advancement of intellectual and creative capital of the region, it is necessary to create infrastructural conditions and educate and inspire young people. Through our work we want to awaken an individual’s desire for a better tomorrow, to influence the change of mind that each individual is responsible to support the desire and readiness to engage in changes of their environment.

Members of the NGO iACT identify various problems in town in the various fields, clearly define the scope of work and approach to research. In this process there are examples of similar problems as well as potential solutions feasible in the current circumstances.

Thus, iACT, as an iceberg of changes, with a positive attitude towards our social and natural environment and about the future, embarks on a journey with a mission to awaken the collective consciousness and its giant force of likeminded people who are ready to identify and fight against deviations in our society.